Wednesday, September 2, 2009

single disk backups and splitting the songs... such a pain

Ever backup a cd and find that you ripped it as one freaking file? Yes, I've been there and done that. It's a real pain to get the files to sane names and preserve the metadata on the cue sheet. So I found this blog entry, which works almost ok . I'm surprised it even handles a few formats. But guess what? The whole freaking thing FAILS at spaces and anything beyond basic ascii? Why oh why do people insist on using bash for these things? The end product is always so quirky. But you know what? I'm stepping up to this. I've already created the audiomap project with similar goals in mind. And now I'm expanding my bullcrap free softwares to include tagrename: a program which renames files based on their metadata and format strings. I'd like to expand it a little more in terms of the formatting strings (I whipped up this guy in about a half hour), but it's quite usable right now.

It accepts format strings.. use like:
./tagrename.rb -f "%track - %title" *.flac -v

Get help like:
./tagrename.rb -h

(with all possible tag properties title,artist,album,comment,genre,year,track). Tags can properties can even appear multiple times if that is your thing. I will try to include printf like formatting for numbers in the future. As usual though, any audio format is supported with no variance in behavior. Get your menial tasks done and be on your way with your life.

Sorry to those who only know how to use GUIs. I might add utilities to guitize my programs in the future, but for now you're on your own.

ps. If the file is not in the release copies, go check git, I may not have packaged it yet.

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