Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Palm pre/webOS is an interesting new platform, I've gotten a look at the emulator recently and I must say I like most of the tools out of the box more than android. Configs are in json and javascript/html is the main development environment (with css for themeing). I particularly like json because it avoids xml hell involved with many java projects who choose to abuse it. Anywho, I now know how webOS got it's name. Kudos to palm, this should also be one of the fastest/easiest platforms (graphics/reactivity seems to say that alone) but they can take advantage of the javascript engine wars (dalvik can often be terribly slow, it was a big mistake IMHO on android, they should've stuck with mono). One thing that weirded me out about the SDK for webOS though was official support only for ubuntu i386 linux (among macos/windows). Thankfully it worked without a hitch on opensuse x86_64 (they should really let people know it works great when not using ubuntu or even i386 for that matter! also virtualpc 3.0 as opposed to 2.2) but when I tried it inside qemu of 32bit ubuntu 9.04, the virtualpc emulator is uses seems to have problems and dies right after grub is loaded. It turns out qemu (with kvm acceleration) and virtualpc (uses something along those lines) are mutually exclusive. But you won't get the nice helpful error message if you try running it inside of the emulator... you will just get a black screen right after grub. I hope others don't make the same mistake, this cost me quite a few hours the other day to find the cause for such a stupid little thing. Why should emulators using kvm or whatever be mutually exclusive or not run within each-other...? Whatever, up next: pqaeq, the pulse audio equalizer front-end.

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